What our customers say?


Gary Burleigh

Maintenance Manager @ Manufacturing Plant, New Westminster, BC 

"For  over fifteen years Universal has provided us with quality machining.  They keep track of our parts through reverse-engineering allowing us to  re-order unique custom parts by part number, thus saving us valuable  down time and money, allowing us to focus on keeping our customers  happy!"

Jacques D'Astous

Maintenance Superintendent @ English Bay Cookies, Delta, BC  

"We  have been using Universal’s services since 2002 and they have been key  in helping us increase our productivity. Together with our Maintenance  team, they have worked on developing easy to use and reliable equipment.  This equipment is in service at various local plants, and may soon be  installed in our Ontario and US divisions. We are also very pleased with  there repair services, they catalog our replacement parts; keep track  of changes allowing us to streamline our maintenance. In addition the  parts produce are precise and high quality! I personnally strongly  recommend these guys!"

Mark Hunt

Maintenance Supervisor @ Manufacturing Plant, Richmond, BC 


"We  have used Universal Machining for the past eight years. They respond  quickly to our emergency needs, they help us ensure smooth operations  and minimize wasted time. We consider Universal Machining a valuable  supplier who consistently produces quality parts for our operations." 

R.J. MacDonald

Engineering and Maintenance Manager @ Wood product Manufacturing, Delta 


"Universal  Machining has been a supplier for eighteen years. They supply us with  top quality custom and CNC machined parts as well as fabricated parts.  Universal keeps track of all our parts, giving us part numbers that we  use to for re-ordering in our SAP system."

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